Laser Assisted Periodonal Treatment and More

How Dental Lasers Work

Dental lasers help us treat conditions in the mouth using light energy. The laser is very selective, penetrating to a specific depth in the particular kind of tissue we want to treat.

The tissue absorbs the laser light, which agitates the molecules of the tissue, causing the tissue cells to gently break apart. This very precisely treats only the desired area, while leaving healthy gums, and tissues untouched.

We may use lasers on soft tissues to reshape healthy gum tissues or remove diseased gums, decontaminate gum pockets that are infected with periodontal disease, and treat some sores in the mouth.

Unlocking the Gentle Power of the CO2 Laser

With MicroSpeed™ technology, this highly effective and efficient medium can be turned into the gentlest tool found in the dental operatory. What does this mean clinically? To name just a few, it means a radical reduction in patient discomfort and anxiety, faster healing times, more predictable outcomes, the ability to work in the periodontal pocket for bacterial reduction, and broader applications in implantology. 



Intraoral Soft Tissue

• Frenectomy
• Gingivectomy
• Gingivoplasty
• Vestibuloplasty
• Gingival Troughing
• Aphthous Ulcers
• Herpetic Lesions
• Leukoplakia
• Lichen Planus
• Hemangioma
• Fibroma Excision and Biopsy
• Implant Placement
• Implant Uncovering
• Peri-implantitis
• Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy
(Sulcular Debridement)

The benefits of lasers

There are many benefits of using lasers:

  • They are very precise, so there is minimal impact on oral tissues.
  • They can minimize bleeding and swelling, and speed the healing of gum tissues.
  • They reduce the risk of infection by decontaminating the affected areas.
  • Dental lasers are a versatile tool for more comfortable and effective dental treatment.

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